Not Dead Yet

posted: January 2nd, 2007

So obviously I haven’t been doing a great deal of posting any posting the past couple of months. This isn’t because I haven’t wanted to. I’ve just been kind of busy. (more…)

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Everyone Loves Lore

posted: June 29th, 2006

No. Not that kind of lore. This kind. I’ve been reading Lore Sjöberg’s postings for years. He writes about games, old Saturday morning cartoons, comic books, and the general accoutrement of growing up geek. He’s like my evil twin.

If I was, you know, funny.

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Now That’s Non-Linear Thinking.

posted: June 26th, 2006

I really liked the latest comic on Order of the Stick. (more…)

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So I’ve read there’s a possible danger of blogs being hit by spammers. “What are the odds of that happening to me?” I think. I’m a small, insignificant site tucked away in the corner of cyberspace. I’ve been running the blog for less than two weeks.

Today I come in to find 28 different comments, all apparently spam attached to one of my posts. I guess I can feel like a real person now. I’m receiving junk mail. Yay me.

Suffice it to say that Akismet is now turned on.

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This is Why I Don’t Use Flash.

posted: June 6th, 2006

Just a quick link to an animation that I found funny.

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I’m Not Dead Yet.

posted: May 31st, 2006

Just a link to a funny comic concerning Infinium labs, ‘makers’ of the appropriately named Phantom console.

For those who don’t read Woody’s comic on a regular basis he uses the bug-zapper a lot when companies or games are about to go belly up. It’s something of a running gag.

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It’s Alive!

posted: May 29th, 2006

FrankensteinSo, after a weekend of fiddling about with CSS and PHP and learning at least the basic in’s and out’s of WordPress I think I’ve got the site up and running. I’m sure that in the up coming days and weeks I’ll be making a lot more changes as I flesh things out and I find the various gremlins that have hidden themselves in the deeper pages. I also want to get a search tool set up in the sidebar, but that won’t be really important for a while since at the moment there is one entire post to be searched. Of course a simple search form isn’t all that hard and I set up one earlier. The only difficulty was in trying to make it disappear at certain times, but I’m sure I’ll twig it out.

I’m also sure that I’ll be fiddling about a bit with the layout, trying to tweak it here and there. I don’t really like how I’ve put my email link all the way at the bottom of the sidebar but then I also didn’t like it at the top, under ‘About’. I’m also not wildly enthusiastic over the title of ‘Meta’ in the sidebar, either, but I haven’t been able to come up with something else short and pithy that seems appropriate.

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