posted: June 26th, 2006

So completely unknown to me as I was writing up my posting about Something for Everyone on Friday Steve Danuser, Ryan Shwayder, and Aggro Me got together to post articles about crafting (I feel so left out). (more…)

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Something for Everyone.

posted: June 23rd, 2006

MMO’s need to be fun. This stunning insight has been brought to you thanks to my keen grasp of the obvious, but it’s true. If the game isn’t fun then no amount of artwork or advertising is going to get people to stick around, and since MMO’s make a large amount of their money off of customer subscriptions this is a Bad Thingâ„¢. (more…)

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Like a Sturgeon.

posted: June 22nd, 2006

David Edery posted a small article on his blog about User Generated Content. In short it’s a list of the good points of UGC with links to existing games to illustrate each point and it’s worth a look. (more…)

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Good Grief.

posted: June 16th, 2006

Martin Davies wrote an article for the Guardian Unlimited yesterday that discusses ‘griefing’ in online games. It’s a good article with some interesting ideas about self-policing communities and the pitfalls of such. I know it is a problem that I started thinking about back in the days of playing Meridian 59. (more…)

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There’s an article on Terra Nova about the lawsuit filed by Marc Bragg against Linden Labs, makers of Second Life. Most of the article is a pretty interesting read that talks about how this is probably not going to be the big groundbreaking case that Marc Bragg wants to make it out to be. (more…)

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Some of the People Some of the Time…

posted: June 14th, 2006

For years I was on a quest. Like the mythical King Pellinore I was compelled to hunt for an elusive beast, occasionally finding the odd track or catching the fleeting glimpse of my quarry through mist shrouded woods. Sometimes I would find others along my journey who would tell me of seeing this creature as it passed them by and who would give me directions on where I could find it, but inevitably when I arrived I would find that they were mistaken and what they had seen was not the beast I sought.

So I gave up, and in doing so I came to realize the reason I could never catch my questing beast was because it simply didn’t exist. (more…)

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Well How’d You Become King Then?

posted: June 12th, 2006

Richard Bartle wrote an article over on Terra Nova about a week ago that talks about how MMO’s aren’t democratic. He goes on to ponder the possibility of a private party paying for a server in which they control the rules and whether or not such a system would work. (more…)

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Raph Koster wrote an interesting three part post (post one, post two, post three) about the resource system in Ultima Online, how it was suppose to work, and why it didn’t. What is really interesting, at least to me, is how the resource system was suppose to tie very heavily to the behavior of creatures. (more…)

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Mad Skillz.

posted: June 5th, 2006

MMO’s are my preferred form of games. I suppose it goes back to my many years playing Dungeons and Dragons and Champions with my friends around my parent’s dining room table. I’m completely aware that there are other forms of games but when I start thinking about elements of game design I inevitably tend towards elements of MMO’s.

As a gross generalization online games can be broken into player based games (often called twitch games) and character based games (I’m sure there’s a different term used by lots of people but I don’t happen to know what it is). Of course in truth there’s usually some overlap. Player based games such as Counterstrike, Doom, or Planetside can still be viewed as having elements of a character based game since the acquisition of certain weapons can be viewed as increasing attributes(DPS, Range, Accuracy) of the character. Character based games such as Everquest or Ultima Online involve a certain level of player skill around the deploying of attribute based abilities since the games aren’t turn based. In general, though, games are viewed as falling into one category or the other with character based being a lot more prevalent in the world of MMO’s. (more…)

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EQII for teh Win!

posted: June 2nd, 2006

Found out yesterday that EQ II had passed WoW on MMORPG’s ranking list.


Gives me kind of a nice feeling to know that.

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