Froglok Kick

Doing the monk animations for the frogloks I borrowed heavily on elements of Capoeira. This is a slightly modified Aú Cortado.

Spin Kick

Another standard move from Capoeira, slightly modified for the frogloks. This is know as a Meia Lua de Compasso.

Whirling attack

A heavily modified Relogio. This manuver is really suppose to be a type of sweep but I changed it to make it a spinning attack for an AE.


This is an animation I did for the nagas that unfortunately never made it into game because of some issues involving animation code. It’s timing isn’t quite polished since it had to be pulled but I’m still proud of the technical hurdles I jumped setting this up.


One of the Tarranax’s many different attack animations. Working on the Tarranax animations was a lot of fun simply because the model was so cool.

Demo Reel

A 30 second reel of just a couple of the different creatures I’ve animated over the past 10 years.