Evan Sampson is a Senior Artist for Sony Online Entertainment where he has worked as an animator since 2001.

Born January 25th, 1967 in Brazos, Texas Evan soon realized his mistake and moved his family to Dayton, Ohio where he spent his earliest childhood years. In 1973 his father, Dr. Charles Sampson, was transferred by NCR from its Dayton, Ohio office to its office in San Diego, California.

Frequently on the weekends his father would bring home terminals that could be connected to the mainframe computers that he worked with. Among the programs available on the mainframes were such classic games as Star Trek and the original Adventure. Evan thoroughly enjoyed these games and by the time he was ten he had begun to learn the basics of computer programming from his father.

In 1979 he read a newspaper article about a new game gaining popularity called Dungeons and Dragons and he has been an avid gamer ever since. Not content with just Dungeons and Dragons he also played DragonQuest, RuneQuest, Tunnels and Trolls, Stormbringer, Call of Cthulu, Top Secret, Champions, Espionage, Pulp Hero, Fantasy Hero, Chivalry and Sorcery, 007, Cyberpunk 2020, Shadowrun, Battletech, Twilight 2000, Car Wars, Illuminati, Traveler, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Warhammer 40000, GURPS, Villains and Vigilantes, Rolemaster, SpaceTime, Time Lords, Vampire: the Masquerade, Werewolf: the Apocalypse, Mage: the Ascension, and Gamma World, among others, as well as experimenting with his own attempts at designing gaming systems.

He began working professionally in the field of computers in 1990, originally as a favor to his roommate, as an instructor for the custom graphics system his roommate was a programmer for. He later went on to offer instruction in the DGS Renderer by Digital Arts, AutoCAD, 3DStudio, and 3DStudio MAX. It was during this time that he met Dok Whitson when he taught a bootstrap course in 3DStudio MAX to a group of computer artists working on what would become Everquest. At the start of 1998 he left computer instruction to join a team being formed by Dok at Sony Computer Entertainment America where he remained until 2001 when he transferred to Sony Online Entertainment.

His credits include Cyberstrike II, Infantry, Bug Hunt, Boom Ball, Cosmic Rift, Everquest: Shadows of Luclin, Everquest: Planes of Power, Everquest: Legacy of Ykesha, Everquest: Lost Dungeons of Norrath, Everquest: Omens of War, Everquest: Gates of Discord, Everquest II, Everquest II: Desert of Flames, Everquest II: Kingdom of Sky, Everquest II: Echoes of Faydwer, and Everquest II: Ruins of Kunark.

Worried about overspecializing hobbies of Evan include astronomy, gaming, music, juggling, brewing, writing, cryptography, problem solving, archery, history, mythology, and writing about himself in the third person.