As I try to solve game design problems I try to make sure that I adhere to certain rules. This isn’t a list fixed in stone as every now and then I will think of a new rule that really needs to be inserted, but overall they shouldn’t change too much.

  1. The Game has to be fun. This is the most important rule of all. What I’m working on is a form of entertainment. People don’t have to play what I design and if what I design isn’t fun for them then they will stop playing.
  2. Don’t assume because I enjoy something that other people will enjoy it. Don’t force them to do activities because I assume everyone will find them fun.
  3. Give people choices. Don’t leave out activities that other people may enjoy just because I don’t find them fun. Remember something for everyone.
  4. Keep a clear eye on balance. Make sure one play style doesn’t get favored over another. Do this by analyzing Risk verses Reward when there are different paths characters may take.