Raph Koster posted a small snippet about a new beta service called Playerep.

I like the effort and hope that links out in the Blogosphere will help to drive a decent number of people to use it. Of course I feel that the system as implemented has some problems (some of which playerep can’t resolve by themselves) but hopefully if it should catch on it will help motivate game companies to come up with similar tools or to at at least provide some tools that will help with the resolution of some of the problems playerep can’t solve on their own.


Agreed on both counts. There are some flaws with this system, but I’d like to see something similar developed in-game.

Some of the things I’d like to see happen to such an ingame system.

1) Stop the “global rating.” It’s useless and subject to so much manipulation. There are different styles of play that will automatically make a person from one style rate another as bad. Instead, use social networking models, and give me a person’s rating based on the ratings of the people I rate favorably.

I don’t care if the whole server thinks about the person. That info’s going to be skewered in the many ways that made forum ratings absolutely useless in the past. Let me know what my FRIENDS think about a person, and you remove the power from all the idiots out there… unless your friends include those idiots.

Also, let me USE that information in the game’s automated processes. Let me choose to give discounts on my vendors to anyone of a rating of x or higher. Let me charge more for people my network doesn’t rate favorably. Filter my LFG settings so I first see those that are rated positively or auto-refuse those rated negatively.

Comment by Chas — July 6, 2006

Interesting idea, adjusting the score based on your own personal network. I’m not sure how well it would work in practice because of the number of people involved but it’s an interesting idea none the less.

Comment by Evan — July 6, 2006

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