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Fully Compliant, Baby!

posted: June 16th, 2006

valid-xhtml10.pngWell, after much mucking around with my theme and the editing of a few posts I am now fully compliant with XHTML 1.0 (strict, not transitional) and CSS 2.0. I did this because the Firefox browser on my Ubuntu box wasn’t rendering the content correctly.

Because of various minor errors in my code I was sending anyone browsing the pages into ‘quirks’ mode. So I cleaned up everything with the help of W3C’s validator. Once I did that the page wasn’t rendering the way I wanted since it was relying on quirks mode to put certain things together in certain ways, so I had to update everything. Then I had to go back through any previous posts where I had put in extra code and make sure that code was compliant and rending correctly.

It’s been a royal pain and I’m not sure how long it will last since every post I write has the potential to break it but since it should speed up the rendering of pages and produce much more reliable results across multiple browsers I think it was worth it.

Of course Firefox is still rendering the page wrong.

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Well, I finally got Firefox rendering correctly. It turns out that it wasn’t Firefox’s problem after all that was causing it to render wrong but a minor error in IE that was causing it to render right. Now all the big players seem happy.

The only one still not quite rendering correctly, at least that I know about, is my PSP, and even its problems are fairly minor.

Comment by Evan — June 17, 2006

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