FrankensteinSo, after a weekend of fiddling about with CSS and PHP and learning at least the basic in’s and out’s of WordPress I think I’ve got the site up and running. I’m sure that in the up coming days and weeks I’ll be making a lot more changes as I flesh things out and I find the various gremlins that have hidden themselves in the deeper pages. I also want to get a search tool set up in the sidebar, but that won’t be really important for a while since at the moment there is one entire post to be searched. Of course a simple search form isn’t all that hard and I set up one earlier. The only difficulty was in trying to make it disappear at certain times, but I’m sure I’ll twig it out.

I’m also sure that I’ll be fiddling about a bit with the layout, trying to tweak it here and there. I don’t really like how I’ve put my email link all the way at the bottom of the sidebar but then I also didn’t like it at the top, under ‘About’. I’m also not wildly enthusiastic over the title of ‘Meta’ in the sidebar, either, but I haven’t been able to come up with something else short and pithy that seems appropriate.